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The capacity of the tent is up to 1100 seats, out of which 200 are boxes and 900 seats are placed on galleries.

The circus tent has a diameter of 32 metres (the biggest in the Czech Rep), height 13 metres, the arena has a diameter of 11 metres.


  • BOB NAVARRO - Lion manege
  • HYNEK NAVRÁTIL st. - Bear manege
  • BOB NAVARRO - Horse manege
  • HYNEK NAVRÁTIL ml. - Artiste equilibrist
  • HELENKA HUMBERTO - Artiste on rotating moon
  • HYNEK NAVRÁTIL st. - Exotic animal manege
  • HYNEK NAVRÁTIL st. - Clear training of royal poodles
  • HYNEK NAVRÁTIL ml. - Clear training of ponies
  • VAŠEK HUMBERTO - Training of cameroon goats
  • HELENKA HUMBERTO - Ponies rider
  • ZDENA HUMBERTO - Appearance with hoops
  • GEORGINA NAWRI - Artiste of air acrobatics
  • LIONEL - blitz juggler
  • FINÁLE - Parade of artists and trainers

The Show lasts 2 hours. After the first part a fifteen-minute break for refreshment follows.